Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Glory!blog Throwback, Now Made Without High Fructose Corn Syrup

We went to the graveyard and I did my skateboarder pose.

Rusty met me in San Antonio and we ate dinner at the Tower of the Americas, which is larger than the Space Needle.

We once went mini-golfing on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I believe this place later went the way of Katrina.

Once I met Noby for the first time at Tommy's apartment.

Rusty channeled his inner politician.

We sat on Jeremy Lespi's porch.

Our shoes rode the WedWay in Disneyworld.

We had Oktoberfest in Rusty's Edinburg apartment

We visited Elvis's house.

Popeye met his match.

Got some Pia-Love

My hair looked nice

The Rusty Spell Dot Com Fairy showed up.

We moved.

I grabbed this guy's butt.

There was a drum cake.

Et cetera.