Sunday, October 26, 2008

Photos You Haven't Seen

All the fun we've been having since we moved to Alabama.

It's been over a month, and we never bothered to report it here, but we went to Atlanta on my birthday to see Kathy Griffin perform. We narrowly avoided missing the whole thing thanks to our own incompetence with the change from Central to Eastern time zone. Here I am in our hotel room, with a view of the Fox Theater, where Kathy performed.

I immediately got sick for a week, so Rusty waited to make my 30th birthday cake.

It had magic, instant-melting candles.

I wore the t-shirt everybody's sick of, just for the occasion. Meanwhile, back in Auburn, men with a ball continued to run around, and that means that everyone must wear an orange t-shirt.

The Auburn tailgate is such a magical experience that I managed to run into my dad's aunt, cousin, and second cousin, as well as old Michael Smith from the Center for Writers, all in the same day.

Only one other event nearby could even approach such magic . . .

The Syrup Soppin' Festival in Loachapoka. I have to say, though, that despite all the throwbacks to the 19th Century--the pop guns, bales of hay, mule rides, people sucking on sugar cane, and Hannah Montana crafts--there was a definite dearth of syrup soppin'.

And one final picture for your delight.

Our shower curtain.