Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Our Treehouse

Our place isn't ready for public viewing yet, but the outside looks pretty good already. Maybe your remember this post that explained how almost all the trees at our house in TX was cut down, one of the reasons we left that town.

Well, we're happy now! This is Carrie's view from her Hoffice where she reads the website you are reading right now.

Our little magnolia tree.

Our enormous pines. I always wanted to live in one of those houses that was in the middle of the woods, yet also still in the 'burbs.

I had the idea to start picking up little cheap gnomes to put in our back yard, so many that we forget where they all are, things that will come to life at night.

This is the first one close up, with his friend the turtle.

We're not limited to gnomes. We now have more turtles than gnomes.

Close-up, showing his hip-hop hat and springy-bobble neck (and tail).

My favorite tree gnome.

We also like pinwheels (and to sing the song).

Hummingbirds drink from these flowers.

We're hoping one day our back yard sitting area will look like this.