Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Moving Highlights

1. Noby no longer lives on North Gay Street. He drove a 26-foot truck with a Corolla towed on the back across four states. He drank at least 8 bottles of orange Powerade. He somehow managed to pull a refrigerator on a dolly up four steps, the only help he received being Rusty pulling on his shoulders from behind. While the last part of that does sound somewhat gay, Noby officially lives on HeteroMan Circle.

2. We killed many butterflies on the front of our truck.

3. Moving actually seemed like work this time, so the above two photos were the only ones we took. We did dress alike again, so picture something like this one from our last move, only make our faces more frowny in your mind's eye.

5. Noby had his magic phone so I got to see a dot moving on the screen. And that dot was us!

6. Moving into the new house was something like what happens when you gain five pounds and you try to fit your big ass into your old jeans.

7. Where is the dish soap?

8. After we unloaded the truck on Sunday, we immediately went to work Monday morning, getting orientated by the English Department and getting our identity managed at the Identity Management Office. Our secret codes are cls0016 and rss0009. Shhhh!

9. You have to be at the house for the gas man to come out, so since we were at work all day long, we had freezing cold showers for three days until we could get our gas on for the hot water heater.

9. My car broke down two days into being in Auburn. It made it across 4 states with Rusty driving it and then it got mad. I now have a very expensive new pink ball of liquid.

10. Rusty put away the dishes before setting up his computer or filing his CDs. I think that means he's been domesticated.

11. There are no electrical outlets in the bathrooms.

12. I guess that means I can't use my new toy there unless I let my toy run on the battery alone. My new toy's name is Big Red and it has 4 gigabytes of memory. And a built-in webcam!