Friday, July 04, 2008

Vacation Vignette One

We took 596 photos in our two weeks in California and Oregon, so I guess we'll slowly reveal them to you in short vignettes. Here's one from the Oregon leg of our trip, which was the second week, but it doesn't matter if we're chronological, does it?

We shipped ourselves off to the Oregon coast for some fun beachside times for 3 days. Some people there call this area "the coast," but to me "the coast" means the Mississippi Gulf Coast, so they must be absolutely wrong and confused. While there, we learned about a kite festival going on at "D River"--which we began calling "d'river"-- in Lincoln City, a half hour from where we were staying.

You might remember our love of our own hippie daughter kite, something we wrote about back in the day.

We were expecting big things from this kite festival. They were attempting a world record of some kind for the most kites in the air at the same time. All the way down there, everywhere we stopped, people would say, "Are you heading to the kite festival?" Others on the web have already posted their photos, and I've stolen them to show you:

But we never saw any of that. By the time we got through traffic and found parking, we made it in time to see this:

Oh, and we also saw a 13-year old boy crash his kite in the sand 3 times. Happy 4th of July, everyone! Don't blow your hand off!