Friday, July 18, 2008

It's Not Easy Being Green

Over the years that Rusty and I have been together--from being in two different states to living in sin to our (almost) year of marriagedom--we've slowly accepted certain roles and jobs for ourselves. For example, while it's my job to take care of all renting of huge trucks and car carriers for our recent move, it's Rusty's job to be the house DJ and keep the music going. Or while it's my job to keep our toilet paper supply stocked, it's Rusty's job to get the mail every day. It's something that happened -- we each got certain jobs based on our talents without us ever actually assigning the jobs per se. Malcolm Gladwell wrote something about this in his book The Tipping Point that we both found interesting and that I've been meaning to post. But more on that later; it's not really what this is about.

When we go on vacation, it's Rusty's job to do the in-town driving on unknown streets, and it's my job to navigate and look for street signs and landmarks. On this trip, while Rusty drove the winding roads of Big Sur, rocks on one side and ocean on the other, I had some problems reading the signs. Frankly, this is how they all looked:

The world was out of focus! I needed some new glasses!

Later on, I learned from my handsome Ken doll eye doctor I'd developed a funky fresh astigmatism, illustrated below.

An astigmatism, defined by me, an untrustworthy layman: The eyes look almost the same above, but if you eye them closely, you'll see that the eye with an astigmatism has a more oval-shaped cornea and the healthy eye has a more rounded cornea--so the light enters the eye differently and the eye doesn't quite focus correctly.

Now you know all about my cornea!

The result of my sexy new astigmatism is that I got new glasses for the first time since 1999. So say goodbye to the old tortoise shell glasses you're used to (or don't, since I will probably get new lenses in them since I still love them dearly).

Goodbye Blue Monday

And say hello to my new green architectural glasses.

Lisa Loeb, eat your heart out!