Friday, July 04, 2008


Ever go back to read every post of the GLORY!blog but get frustrated because of the broken images? Well, be frustrated no more! Over a period of several days (taking my time, I'm not psychotic, you know) I read through all the posts (which was a joy in itself, of course) and fixed all the unwise "hotlinking" (etc.) that we used to do. Now every images is on our site and accounted for, even the ones that weren't yet missing.

Now you too can go back and re-live the past 4+ years of the best blog on the internet. Here are some pictures you may have missed if you attempted to do so before now:

Our first blinkie.

Our favorite female Muppet (our favorite male Muppet being Elton John).

Remember this on the Fourth of July.

What the fuck is this? A Mickey Mouse bee?

Don't forget Bird Poo Jesus.

Miss Potter.

M&M Honeymoon.

My Sim obsession that I'll try hard not to bring back here, but I can't promise anything.

Andre 3000.