Monday, July 28, 2008

28 Jul 2008

Well, it's 28 Jul 2008. You know what that means. It's been one week since our one year anniversary, so it's time to celebrate!

I won't post any of the things I got my bunny; just know that they were sweet.

Here's something else Carrie made me, an original piece of art:

Those aren't new glasses of mine. Those are old ones. My black ones are in the shop (which is good, else you might not be able to tell me and Carrie apart in that picture).

Hurricane Dolly Update: we lived.

It was pretty much the best hurricane ever as far as we were concerned. First we played the "crank up the air as high as we can stand it and walk around in blankets because we know the power is going off soon and we want to make this place a refrigerator so it'll take longer to become hot" game. The power did eventually go out and it wasn't hot the entire first day. We played the ironically-titled board game Power Grid next in the sunlit kitchen and finished just before it became too dark. Candles were lit.

We listened to the Rio Grand Valley version of idiot on the battery-operated radio. Two girls who were bored drove to the radio station and eventually ended up at the Whataburger where kids were having a hurricane fat-out. Others were shocked and amazed that it was windy and that the electricity didn't work.

We woke up the next day and it was finally hot, but just before we got grumpy, the power came on. I played a Dolly Parton record. Our fence had blown down, but it was fixed the next day without our saying anything. Basically we had a little respite from packing. No one was on the roof, and George Bush didn't have to prove that he hated brown people.

We have four more days to live here and then we're trading in our tacos for our Confederate flags. Sweet home Alabama!