Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mailbag 2008

Who will have the honor of being the first person we get mail from? Everyone is tingling.

If you need our new mailing address, email/myspace/facebook/call/smoke signal us.

Monday, July 28, 2008

28 Jul 2008

Well, it's 28 Jul 2008. You know what that means. It's been one week since our one year anniversary, so it's time to celebrate!

I won't post any of the things I got my bunny; just know that they were sweet.

Here's something else Carrie made me, an original piece of art:

Those aren't new glasses of mine. Those are old ones. My black ones are in the shop (which is good, else you might not be able to tell me and Carrie apart in that picture).

Hurricane Dolly Update: we lived.

It was pretty much the best hurricane ever as far as we were concerned. First we played the "crank up the air as high as we can stand it and walk around in blankets because we know the power is going off soon and we want to make this place a refrigerator so it'll take longer to become hot" game. The power did eventually go out and it wasn't hot the entire first day. We played the ironically-titled board game Power Grid next in the sunlit kitchen and finished just before it became too dark. Candles were lit.

We listened to the Rio Grand Valley version of idiot on the battery-operated radio. Two girls who were bored drove to the radio station and eventually ended up at the Whataburger where kids were having a hurricane fat-out. Others were shocked and amazed that it was windy and that the electricity didn't work.

We woke up the next day and it was finally hot, but just before we got grumpy, the power came on. I played a Dolly Parton record. Our fence had blown down, but it was fixed the next day without our saying anything. Basically we had a little respite from packing. No one was on the roof, and George Bush didn't have to prove that he hated brown people.

We have four more days to live here and then we're trading in our tacos for our Confederate flags. Sweet home Alabama!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Our First Anniversary

Friends, it's July 21 again and you know what that means: one year since we did the Rock Lobster! Here are two new pieces of anniversary-related art. I'm especially proud of them.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Back By Popular Demand

Here at the GLORY!blog we will bring you only one man's Youtube videos.

Friday, July 18, 2008

It's Not Easy Being Green

Over the years that Rusty and I have been together--from being in two different states to living in sin to our (almost) year of marriagedom--we've slowly accepted certain roles and jobs for ourselves. For example, while it's my job to take care of all renting of huge trucks and car carriers for our recent move, it's Rusty's job to be the house DJ and keep the music going. Or while it's my job to keep our toilet paper supply stocked, it's Rusty's job to get the mail every day. It's something that happened -- we each got certain jobs based on our talents without us ever actually assigning the jobs per se. Malcolm Gladwell wrote something about this in his book The Tipping Point that we both found interesting and that I've been meaning to post. But more on that later; it's not really what this is about.

When we go on vacation, it's Rusty's job to do the in-town driving on unknown streets, and it's my job to navigate and look for street signs and landmarks. On this trip, while Rusty drove the winding roads of Big Sur, rocks on one side and ocean on the other, I had some problems reading the signs. Frankly, this is how they all looked:

The world was out of focus! I needed some new glasses!

Later on, I learned from my handsome Ken doll eye doctor I'd developed a funky fresh astigmatism, illustrated below.

An astigmatism, defined by me, an untrustworthy layman: The eyes look almost the same above, but if you eye them closely, you'll see that the eye with an astigmatism has a more oval-shaped cornea and the healthy eye has a more rounded cornea--so the light enters the eye differently and the eye doesn't quite focus correctly.

Now you know all about my cornea!

The result of my sexy new astigmatism is that I got new glasses for the first time since 1999. So say goodbye to the old tortoise shell glasses you're used to (or don't, since I will probably get new lenses in them since I still love them dearly).

Goodbye Blue Monday

And say hello to my new green architectural glasses.

Lisa Loeb, eat your heart out!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

We Could Have a Little Party

If you're ever up at midnight and feeling kind of blue, there's only one thing to be done...


You can either dress as Hannah herself or, as we did, simply buy T-shirts. Mine's a little small, but I think I could get away with it if I wear it to a post-retro glam gay dance club.

You have to make a cake, of course.

This was the first cake I've ever made. Carrie did the writing.

Carrie was Miley in the back...

... but Hannah in the front. You get the best of both worlds!

The pouty MySpace pictures had to come out eventually.

Thanks, Miley. We had fun!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Vacation Vignette One

We took 596 photos in our two weeks in California and Oregon, so I guess we'll slowly reveal them to you in short vignettes. Here's one from the Oregon leg of our trip, which was the second week, but it doesn't matter if we're chronological, does it?

We shipped ourselves off to the Oregon coast for some fun beachside times for 3 days. Some people there call this area "the coast," but to me "the coast" means the Mississippi Gulf Coast, so they must be absolutely wrong and confused. While there, we learned about a kite festival going on at "D River"--which we began calling "d'river"-- in Lincoln City, a half hour from where we were staying.

You might remember our love of our own hippie daughter kite, something we wrote about back in the day.

We were expecting big things from this kite festival. They were attempting a world record of some kind for the most kites in the air at the same time. All the way down there, everywhere we stopped, people would say, "Are you heading to the kite festival?" Others on the web have already posted their photos, and I've stolen them to show you:

But we never saw any of that. By the time we got through traffic and found parking, we made it in time to see this:

Oh, and we also saw a 13-year old boy crash his kite in the sand 3 times. Happy 4th of July, everyone! Don't blow your hand off!


Ever go back to read every post of the GLORY!blog but get frustrated because of the broken images? Well, be frustrated no more! Over a period of several days (taking my time, I'm not psychotic, you know) I read through all the posts (which was a joy in itself, of course) and fixed all the unwise "hotlinking" (etc.) that we used to do. Now every images is on our site and accounted for, even the ones that weren't yet missing.

Now you too can go back and re-live the past 4+ years of the best blog on the internet. Here are some pictures you may have missed if you attempted to do so before now:

Our first blinkie.

Our favorite female Muppet (our favorite male Muppet being Elton John).

Remember this on the Fourth of July.

What the fuck is this? A Mickey Mouse bee?

Don't forget Bird Poo Jesus.

Miss Potter.

M&M Honeymoon.

My Sim obsession that I'll try hard not to bring back here, but I can't promise anything.

Andre 3000.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Tim and Eric

While we're uploading, sorting, and diddling the privates of the pictures we took to the west coast, I thought we'd let everyone know our newest entertainment recommendation:

Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!

The DVD of the first season is out now. You can find clips on their web site (though they work better in the context of the 12 minute shows). I recommend this one: Sit On You.