Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day Tribute to The Len Man

The Len Man leads a charmed life. In 1972, he scored Mary Hoffman née Strickhouser, convincing her to marry him. She sticks by him through his Tommy Bahama phase.

By 1978, the Len Man had two babies, and was known for being good with kids . . .

. . . and good with babies. He seems to have passed his hairdo onto his only grandson.

A little known fact about the Len Man is that he's an excellent dancer, especially at weddings.

The Len Man, however, hasn't always been about leisure and recreation. Among his fellow officers at the Metro Dade Police Department, he was known for his bravery and for his skills in Human Resources. Ask him a question about background checks or psychological evaluations and he's your man.

But after retiring, he's been much more relaxed, honing his athletic skills, and even appearing on the cover of Golf Digest.

His sports exploits extend to his fine throwing arm in the game of Frisbee golf, as shown below.

Despite his masculine athletic skills, he's not afraid to sip pink girly drinks aboard his beloved cruise ships.

He's also known for his fine camera work.

And make no mistake about it: he managed to grow an actual tomato in his own backyard.

And he's a member of the famous Rus & Len Comedy Duo.

But through it all, he's loved his daughter.

He's the Happy Len who somehow leads the most charmed life of anyone.