Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Carrie & Rusty Life News

School's been out and we've had a busy Memorial Day eating tiny cupcakes, playing card games, and following each other around the house so we guess it's finally time to announce our big, big news. No, not that.

Here it is . . . are you ready:

1. We won't be teaching at UTPA next year.
2. We're leaving the tip of Texas at the end of July.
3. In fact, we're leaving Texas altogether.
4. We are moving to Alabama.
5. Auburn, to be exact.
6. Because we each got a job as an instructor at Auburn University! Hoot to us.

It's a "lateral move" as they say, but will be better jobs in that we'll have smaller class sizes and will be teaching 4 classes in the fall and 3 in the spring, instead of 5 classes each semester like we've got now. Less work means more time to update the GLORY!blog.

We visited Auburn last week.

Here we are in front of the building that's on every brochure.
The campus has a very collegiate feel. I was impressed with it.

This is Rusty showing his War Eagle pride.

I took my ponytail with me.

This is the Haley Center that will house our office. Rusty will get his hair cut there, and if you get that joke, we will mail you something we don't want to move.

Here we are in front of the English Office!

We also went house hunting, which was fun! We chose the sixteenth house!

And here it is. Note all the huge pine trees and the baby magnolia tree that Rusty will bow down to every morning. No cacti here.

Our new address, by the way, will be 666 Shawnee St. The mark of the beast!

This is the street Noby will eventually live on.