Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hannah Montana

Like everyone else with a credible media outlet, we were shocked at the Vanity Fair photograph of a bare-backed Miley Cyrus.

We are more comfortable with the Miley of yesteryear in which she was presented as wholesome and not at all like anything resembling porn.

We expect nothing less from the Disney Channel. You don't see Aly and AJ posing for Annie Leibovitz or otherwise being seductive.

Please come back, Hannah Montana. It's not too late.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Last Weekend we left our house and declared a mini-vacation, heading to the Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville. We'd been on the lookout for Fish Cones, and luckily, that was the first thing Rusty found.

We were pleased not to touch the monos.

A chimp is different than a monkey because it doesn't have a tail. This is what I remember from the animal behavior unit of my college Biopsychology class. Most people at the Gladys Porter zoo believe it's hilarious to throw people food at the chimps, especially crappy people food like nachos and buttered popcorn and crackers, so this chimp above is eating someone's gross cracker.

The gorillas aren't as lucky. We saw this gorilla vomit into his own hand and then slowly eat it.

This baby orangutan found some kind of grub wedged in at the bottom of the glass. He gave some little girls near us a thrill.

Contrary to popular belief, Darwin never said we came from monkeys. He said we have a common ancestor. We did, however, descend from a tadpole.

Also contrary to popular belief, dinosaurs are alive and well. Extinction is not forever! You simply pay an extra $2.50 to see them in a special indoor exhibit at the Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville.

These camels made us think of our favorite Fergie song.

We live on Flamingo Avenue, you know.

Bouganvillea is one of the prettiest of Darwin's creations.

Just ask the ostrich.

And this was the zoo's special tribute to motherhood.