Saturday, February 23, 2008

Rusty and Carrie's Political Weekend

On Friday, Barack Obama came to speak at our university. This was my vantage.

Carrie was doing boring student conferences during the Obamamania, but we got to have some Chelsea Clinton love together the next day. Here she is morphing into her mother the Hill-Dog atop the bed of a pickup truck in downtown Edinburg. (Some Obama supporters showed up with their posters as well, but the Hillary crowd made them go to the back of the bus.)

And here she is being given a rhinestone-studded belt that clearly wasn't made for someone with such a petite frame. It was reminiscent of the time that the governor came to my high school and the students put a do rag on his head.

Who knew that one of Chelsea's people was star of stage and screen Chloe Sevigny?

Finally, the two hot 90s Ladies got to meet. Carrie said, "I hope you enjoy your belt." (No, really.)

Neither of us saw John McCain anywhere, so here's a picture of him and his wife:

It was the most exciting time in my life since George Bush Sr. came to visit... and I got to see him greeted by "Mouth of the South" Jerry Clower!