Thursday, January 24, 2008

The NPR Generation

"So there literally seems to be this disconnect between this sort of desire to be nonpartisan and a kind of, you know, need to enter into a dialogue that will engage the larger community."

Hey, kids, did you pick out all the annoying words and phrases in the above nonsense sentence that semi-smart people use to mask the fact that they actually have nothing much to say? If you're annoyed by at least four of them, consider yourself my pal!

Here are the correct ways to use some of these words and phrases:

  • "Phil Spector got away with murder... literally."
  • "Hey, Noby, can you disconnect my speakers?"
  • "Are you hungry?" "Sort of."
  • "That's kind of you to say."
  • "This story has very little dialogue."
  • "Jean-Luc Picard says 'Engage!'"