Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What We've Been Up To

Last weekend, we went to South Padre Island and faked a vacation for a day. We made the obligatory stop at Amberjack's and took the obligatory photo you've already seen here and here. I even managed to wear the same shirt as in the first one:

We managed to make it in time for Sand Castle Days, proudly advertised by many fine sand castle sponsors.

It's a little weird to have Halloween-themed sandcastles, but that's the way down here in the borderlands. We ain't scared of gettin' cold. We're only scared of the chupacabra.

This sand castle has my name on it.

This was the scariest, the old man with the fish. Once Rusty told me that when you get old, you start wrinkling and turning old-looking because death was slowly creeping into your body. I love my husband!

This week we waited until the last minute, but we managed to pull out some Halloween fun this afternoon. We didn't waste our time with knives and pumpkin guts; we drew right on the damn things with brand new Sharpies. Here's this year's line-up of pumpkins:

I won't bother telling you who made which pumpkin because it's obvious, but if you're a moron, here's Rusty holding his.

Here I am with my pumpkins.

I wrote secret ghost messages on the back.