Sunday, October 14, 2007

Quips "N Quotes

Now that you've answered the book titles challenge, it's time to take the GLORY!Famous Quotes Challenge. Name the speaker of these entries from the upcoming edition of Bartlett's.

1. "You could get a taste of bacon."

2. "It's cuz . . ."

3. "I love y'all's house."

4. "I didn't even know my belly was showing."

5. "Do we got any more of them muscle shirts?"

6. "What kind of sandwiches do you like, Rusty?"

7. "I didn't have any Faith Hill CDs, so you know . . . I thought I'd try it out."

8. "I think I know that bird."

9. "Are you spendin' de night?"

10. "There was deoderant and clippers, right together."

11. "You knoooow, I might wanna go."

12. "Why is the Bounty in the box?"

13. "I'ma get gas."

14. "Your mama's so pretty."

15. "And that's OK."

16. "You have BETRAYED Dr. Pepper."

17. "Five more, Carrie."

18. "Peter! The Scottish Inn?"