Friday, October 19, 2007

The Amazing Answers Revealed: and then Tonight We Eat Chicken Nuggets and Revel in our own Flatulance

1. "You could get a taste of bacon."

Ava Spell said this, then we got three or four pieces of bacon apiece.

2. "It's cuz . . ."

Every Pan Am student

3. "I love y'all's house."

Vicki Spell, followed by her wondering why we had separate rooms according to the pictures. We have offices that look like bedrooms!

4. "I didn't even know my belly was showing."

Amy Day Wilkinson, of the cute belly pictured in the last post.

5. "Do we got any more of them muscle shirts?"

Tommy Burton, redneck extraordinaire.

6. "What kind of sandwiches do you like, Rusty?"

Mary Hoffman, making a mental FBI file on Rusty.

7. "I didn't have any Faith Hill CDs, so you know . . . I thought I'd try it out."

Leonard Hoffman, explanation of explanations.

8. "I think I know that bird."

F. Barthelme, about a bird described in a story.

9. "Are you spendin' de night?"

Jason Logan, of Pearl, MS, who didn't want Hattiesburg stealing his uncle any more.

10. "There was deoderant and clippers, right together."

Ava Spell, who keeps track of lost items.

11. "You knoooow, I might wanna go."

Aunt Gwen, who DID go to the wedding.

12. "Why is the Bounty in the box?"

Courtney Ahuja, age 21.

13. "I'ma get gas."

Ashton Spell, age 4, post-Hurricane Katrina, hops in her toy car and says this, having listened to the adults way too much.

14. "Your mama's so pretty."

Melissa Burton on Mary Hoffman.

15. "And that's OK."

Audrey the wedding planner about our weird ideas.

16. "You have BETRAYED Dr. Pepper."

Former Miss Edinburg, Audrey, in class when Rusty brought a Coke.

17. "Five more, Carrie."

Joel the personal trainer

18. "Peter! The Scottish Inn?"

Rie Fortenberry to Peter Brown, wondering why he advised a prospective Center for Writers grad student to stay at the Scottish Inn.