Friday, September 07, 2007

Welcome to the World, Baby Ronan

One day after my birthday, we all have a new friend in the world -- my best friend, Courtney, had a baby boy named Ronan. He has big feet, which makes his papa Ian proud.

I have no photos to share yet, but here's what he looked like back in July:

Now he's a real 6 pound human being, and I'm feeling a little nostalgic and emotional.

Here's a photo of me with his mom the year I met her, which was 1997, when we were put together in a room in Balch Hall.

I remember moving in. Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus was on the bookshelf and a poster of a hunk holding a baby was already on the wall. She'd taken the bed by the window. She was out and all I had was her name, Courtney A---. I was concerned. It took us a week at least to start talking, but it turns out that we were from the same planet.

Her family took me with them to New York City during Thanksgiving of 1998. We saw the Rockettes Christmas show and Courtney and her brother fell asleep. I woke them up during the nativity part by saying, "Is that a real live camel onstage?" Apparently, I was the only one appreciative of the tickets. Here's a picture of all of us in front of Radio City Music Hall.

(Some of you may remember her dad, Jay, above since he gave her toast at our wedding. Courtney couldn't fly to Miami because she was incubating Ronan.)

In our senior year we lived in the dumpiest house on Williams Street in Ithaca. I moved in first and was miserable in that fleabag attic apartment until Courtney showed up. She made me happy by doing things like this:

We went on a Caribbean cruise for spring break during that year. Here we are, ready to head to the Port of Miami.

And then we graduated . . .

We've always lived in different cities since then, but we're still buddies. Courtney is the only friend I have who calls me to find out why I haven't called or e-mailed her back. I love her for that. And many other reasons. We see each other as much as we can.

Here's a picture we took of her & her baby daddy/hubby at the Alamo when we all met up there:

You gotta love Courtney. And now, Ronan.