Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Click the JUKE!box above to hear the entire playlist or listen to individual songs below. This is stuff we've acquired lately.

David Lynch: Ghost of Love -- David Lynch singing and playing. From the Inland Empire soundtrack.

Danielson: Did I Step On Your Trumpet? -- One of my favorite new (to me) songs. Lots of Danielson songs are just annoying or noisy, but this one's great. It sounds like it could be a Modest Mouse Song.

Freestylers: Don't Stop the Rock -- Carrie and I spent the other night compiling two CDs of roller skating songs. This is the one of stuff I grew up with on the "For Boys!" collection.

Jordy: Dur Dur d'Etre Bebe! -- Carrie introduced me to this early 90s French phenomenon, a four-year-old named Jordy who sings "it's hard to be a baby." Yes, we have the album now.

Sufjan Stevens: Come On! Feel the Illinoise! -- By now, all the hipsters have moved on, I'm sure, but I'm just now getting around to listening to Sufjan Stevens. At least three or four songs on this album are really great.

The Fendermen: Mule Skinner's Blues -- An old favorite of mine (and Noby's). I found this on a 99 cent CD at Hastings that had twelve "wacky favorites." Best buck I've spent in a long time.

Beck: Black Tambourine (Film Version) -- A remix of Beck's song (I assume by Lynch?) for the Inland Empire soundtrack.

The Shangri-Las: Leader of the Pack -- Another old favorite, from the "wacky favorites" CD (though I've never considered this especially wacky). I've been meaning to pick up a Shangri-Las compilation for a while now.

Nice and Wild: Diamond Girl -- From the Roller Skating Songs (For Girls!) CD that features mostly stuff Carrie grew up with. I'd never heard this song before. Carrie's my diamond girl.

Rusty Spell: I Could Dance if I Weren't So Hostage (or: Hurt Someone In Installments) -- From my new solo album. It's safe for everyone cause I'm not singing on it!

Jens Lekman: Friday Night at the Drive-In Bingo -- We likey the new Jens Lekman album.