Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Viva las Viva!

We finally got our Vegas pictures in the mail from Tommy and Melissa's wedding. The best pictures from the trip are featured below.

One of the many good pictures we took. Tommy's favorite band of all time is Tower of Power.

Our friends, the Guys Who Also Took Pictures of Themselves at the Sign the Same Time We Did.

Carrie's favorite store in Vegas.

Ferarri Fun.

Melissa in front of the sign.

Hasselhoff was everywhere.

Some of the buildings aren't as big as they look on TV.

Balancing Smurfs on our shoulders.

It wasn't Christmas, so I'm not sure what's happening here.

They made this new sign.

Tommy and Melissa hanging out by the bridge.


The cake.

Tommy out and about.

The best attraction.

Carrie's new friend.

Me hanging out by the Hoover Dam.


Another shot of the Hoover Dam.

Me and Tommy.

One of the average Vegas sights.

Another good Tommy picture.

We happened upon this at the dam.

Carrie and Melissa.

The things you see while driving around.

There are some less-good shots here.