Wednesday, May 09, 2007

We're on Vacation!

School's been out for a week now, and we don't give final exams, so we've been hanging out, wearing our robot outfits. Here are some of the highlights.

1. We went to the mall and nearly passed out from capitalism sickness and hunger. Rusty has new jeans and a cowboy shirt. I have a new skirt and a white shirt. You may see our new outfits in our professionally taken engagement photos, to be shot next week by Richard of Impact Imaging.

2. We saw Spiderman 3 starring my dad as the Sandman.

3. We went to the Barnes & Noble, where we sproadically go and say, "Oh, yeah, books. We should read more." Rusty got his Christopher Hitchens book and the newest Peanuts installment. I got an anthology of short stories to teach in the fall and finally jumped on the Truman Capote bandwagon with Breakfast at Tiffany's. Too bad that group Deep Blue Something runied the title for me.

4. I continued to go to Cornerstone Fitness Center every day 'cause I'm workin' on my fitness. This is the machine I like:

5. Contrary to discussion, we never went to South Padre Island.

6. Tomorrow we will hop on the big mechanical bird and head to Miami, where we will attend the Courtney Ahuja wedding, in which I am a bridesmaid. Then we will hang out with the Len-Man, Grandma Strick, et al. We will also get to go to a "tasting" of various sweet-meats so we can decide what you turkeys get to eat at our big fun wedding reception. We'll hang out until next Thursday when we will again hop on the big mechanical bird and return to sunny McAllen, land of the most frequent fast food visitors in the country, despite the many college papers we see about how fast food is bad for us.