Wednesday, May 30, 2007

We Took a Trip and I Will Recount Some Details

Last weekend we drove the Jetta up to Austin to see this handsome man in concert:

Just sitting on the side of Highway 281 on the way from McAllen was . . . the Ecto One from Ghostbusters. So we went out of our way and turned around for some photos:

Here's a better view of the arm hanging onto the back.

The Morrissey concert was fun. He sang some favorites like "The Last of the Famous International Playboys" and "Everyday is Like Sunday" -- the last one, according to Roo and me, is grammatically incorrect [Everyday vs. Every Day], something we wouldn't expect from Morrissey, but oh well. The Backyard, the concert venue, frisked us for cameras before we went in, so we didn't get any photos. But thanks to flickr, I can pretend that I took these.

Here's Morrissey when he first came out in his suit. The man is classy.

And here he is after he took off his shirt for me.

And here's the most expensive t-shirt now in my closet: