Thursday, May 31, 2007

JC Penney

One of our engagement photos made the cover of JC Penney's catalog. Click the picture for more of the photo shoot.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

We Took a Trip and I Will Recount Some Details

Last weekend we drove the Jetta up to Austin to see this handsome man in concert:

Just sitting on the side of Highway 281 on the way from McAllen was . . . the Ecto One from Ghostbusters. So we went out of our way and turned around for some photos:

Here's a better view of the arm hanging onto the back.

The Morrissey concert was fun. He sang some favorites like "The Last of the Famous International Playboys" and "Everyday is Like Sunday" -- the last one, according to Roo and me, is grammatically incorrect [Everyday vs. Every Day], something we wouldn't expect from Morrissey, but oh well. The Backyard, the concert venue, frisked us for cameras before we went in, so we didn't get any photos. But thanks to flickr, I can pretend that I took these.

Here's Morrissey when he first came out in his suit. The man is classy.

And here he is after he took off his shirt for me.

And here's the most expensive t-shirt now in my closet:

Friday, May 25, 2007

One Good TV Channel

To messy for We Like Media, so it gets to go here...

It has been determined by GLORY!blog scientists that there is only one good television channel left on the air. First, why every other one isn't good, then the winner.

First of all, all the networks suck: ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX. Just a bunch of commercials, dumb game shows/reality shows, soaps, stupid talk shows, etc. Even the good stuff is ruined with commercials (8-10 minutes per 30 minute block), promotional "bugs" in the bottom right corner of the screen, etc. etc. (For the good stuff, just wait for DVD and watch shows the right way.) The above is actually true of most channels, but I'll talk about why others are specifically bad.

The boring or unwatchable channels: PBS, all the CSPANs, QVC, Jewelry TV, the Weather Channel, HGTV...

Remember Saturday morning cartoons? Children under 12 had their own special time from about 7:00 am till noon, five hours of childhood bliss for one day a week. This time has been squashed and now the TV is glutted (and the children are gluttons, in more ways than one) because of the Cartoon Network, the Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, Noggin...

Special note on the Cartoon Network. It's a pile of turds during the day. Adult Swim at night is kind of nice with their presentation and shows (even if I don't personally like most of them), but the commercial thing still gets in the way.

Special note on the Disney Channel. This used to be a great channel, maybe the best channel, when it first began in the 80s. It showed all things Disney: animated movies, live-action movies, old Mickey Mouse Club shows, new Mickey Mouse Club shows (featuring Britney, Christina, Justin, Chase, etc.), "Vault Disney" stuff that no one has seen in decades, etc. Now it's just hour after hour of Hannah Montana and Raven Simone (and worse). They don't have traditional commercials, but instead they fill up that 8-10 minute space with promotions for... Hannah Montana and Raven Simone (and the newest computer animated Disney movie).

Special note on Nickelodeon (and TV Land). Not bad networks in presentation and content (though not perfect there either), but still messy with commercials and crap.

The Discovery Channel and the Learning Channel used to kind of live up to their names, but now they just show plastic surgery shows, wedding shows, and house makeover shows.

Animal Planet just shows beaten-up homeless dogs with flies in their eyes.

The Travel Channel cranks out the occasional good show on roller coasters and water parks, but it's mostly crap.

The History Channel and The National Geographic Channel crank out the occasional good show on something or other, but they takes four hours to watch an hour and a half special due to commercials (and bumpers that repeat what you've seen and show you what you're going to see so that you watch the show about four times).

All the news channels (CNN, CNN Headline News, Fox News, MSNBC) suck. 24 hours of news is a bad idea anyway; however, we actually do have 24 hours of news worth reporting: it just doesn't get done well. I learn more watching one hour of Bill Maher's comedy show than I do watching a week straight of any of these channels. These channels would require a separate post.

I don't even know where to begin with CourtTV.

American Movie Classics, first of all, don't show "classics." They used to. This week alone they're showing Independence Day, Lake Placid, Warlock, Poltergeist III, Hidalgo, and Halloween 5. Even when they do show classic or otherwise good movies, they're all chopped up, censored with bleeps, panned-and-scanned, with bad quality prints and with commercials, bugs, and the usual crap.

TBS and TNT just seems to show edited versions of Sex in the City and crappy movies like Any Which Way But Loose or Road House.

USA and FX are worse. Jag.

Spike TV is like watching hairy balls.

A&E used to be kinda classy, but then some queer eyes got a hold of this straight guy and now it's just as crappy as everything else. Or was that Bravo? At any rate, they suffered the same fate of crappification.

Bravo's decline is best demonstrated by watching Inside the Actor's Studio begin as a kinda interesting show about our best actors turn into a suck-up show for some of our worst actors.

ABC Family and the Hallmark Channel are great... if you're a family of pussies.

Lifetime and the Lifetime Movie Network will allow you to watch an hour and a half movie in about five hours. And the movie will be about Kirsten Dunst getting pregnant at age fifteen.

The Sci-Fi channel should be embarassing even for nerds to watch.

The CW hasn't had anything worth watching since Angel and Buffy left town, and those are (again) better on DVD.

E! is perhaps the crappiest channel on TV. They have The Soup, but everything else is the worst stuff you'd ever want to see ever. The screen looks like someone took a dump on it and smeared it with their vomit then stuck up pictures of Paris Hilton.

EWTN and the INSP channel should be embarrassing even for godaphiles.

All sports channels (and there are many) suck.

MTV: maybe worse than E! actually. What used to be an okay music channel with the ocassional non-music (but music-based) TV show (and they had some good ones: Tom Green, Beavis, Oddville, etc.) is now just a bunch of dirty-looking teenagers sitting on couches whining to each other. I have no idea what VH-1 does anymore.

CMT and Great American Country at least play music videos, but they tend to suck.

Comedy Central is one of the few channels I watch and it has some of the best stuff (The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, South Park), but it's also glutted with crappy edited versions of Office Space and junk shows like Halfway House or Drawn Together. With the usual tons of commercials and bugs. Also, it's loud.

The Food Network is just the Rachel Ray channel. Over the past twenty years, food has slowly become sex for America. If we can have this channel, please give us a porn channel.

Oxygen is just re-runs of lady shows from the networks. You get to see Tyra Banks say how fat she is and Ellen wear tennis shoes with slacks.

G4 is often interesting for four minutes at a time, but mostly crap.

MTV2 was the answer to the problem of MTV having no music videos. Then they too got rid of the videos and turned into a worse version of MTV.

The "premium" channels suck. HBO has the Sopranos and Bill Maher and stuff, but the rest of the time you get to see Popeye and Time Bandits one more time. Same thing for Showtime, Cinemax (though they nicely offer soft-core), Encore, the and the Movie Channel, and Starz. When they do play a movie worth seeing, they don't have commercials, but it's pan-and-scan.

Even the Sundance Channel and the Independent Film Channel have nothing much worth seeing anymore.

The is one other pretty good channel besides the winner, and that's MTV Hits. It plays current top 40 (or so) videos with no commercials and no shows, just video after video. I like it a lot. But I don't get it anymore since it's on digital. Also, you can only watch so much.

So, the winner?


The stick to their thing (actual classic movies, usually interesting ones) and show nothing but and present them well. Every movie is presented in its original format, shown in good quality, and looks really pretty on the screen, as if you rented the DVD (assuming you didn't buy the crappy "full screen" version). No commercials. Between movies, what's his name comes on and tells you a little about what you saw and about what you're going to see.

Here's a random sample lineup: a few blocks from tomorrow's schedule...

The Old Dark House is a great James Whale (director of Bride of Frankenstein) horror/comedy. Cartoon Alley shows old, often-forgotten cinema cartoons that you don't much get to see. A Face in the Crowd shows a different side of Andy Griffith. And I don't even have to explain For the Love of Rusty.

The only problem I have with TCM is that I don't have a TiVo. If I did, I'd use it for this channel every day and never be without a good movie to watch.

Every time I see TCM, any second of it, on television, I feel proud of it. I wanted to post this in praise of it before it decides to catch up with the 00s and start showing "classic" reruns of The Real World.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

You've Been Waiting . . .

We know you've been checking in on us, waiting for fun pictures of our recent trip to Miami. But we've been distracted lately with lots of details to tend to. We're thinking of turning our blog over to Nancy Grace. She always has lots to say.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

We're on Vacation!

School's been out for a week now, and we don't give final exams, so we've been hanging out, wearing our robot outfits. Here are some of the highlights.

1. We went to the mall and nearly passed out from capitalism sickness and hunger. Rusty has new jeans and a cowboy shirt. I have a new skirt and a white shirt. You may see our new outfits in our professionally taken engagement photos, to be shot next week by Richard of Impact Imaging.

2. We saw Spiderman 3 starring my dad as the Sandman.

3. We went to the Barnes & Noble, where we sproadically go and say, "Oh, yeah, books. We should read more." Rusty got his Christopher Hitchens book and the newest Peanuts installment. I got an anthology of short stories to teach in the fall and finally jumped on the Truman Capote bandwagon with Breakfast at Tiffany's. Too bad that group Deep Blue Something runied the title for me.

4. I continued to go to Cornerstone Fitness Center every day 'cause I'm workin' on my fitness. This is the machine I like:

5. Contrary to discussion, we never went to South Padre Island.

6. Tomorrow we will hop on the big mechanical bird and head to Miami, where we will attend the Courtney Ahuja wedding, in which I am a bridesmaid. Then we will hang out with the Len-Man, Grandma Strick, et al. We will also get to go to a "tasting" of various sweet-meats so we can decide what you turkeys get to eat at our big fun wedding reception. We'll hang out until next Thursday when we will again hop on the big mechanical bird and return to sunny McAllen, land of the most frequent fast food visitors in the country, despite the many college papers we see about how fast food is bad for us.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Triumphant Return of "Carrie"

Of course, you shouldn't forget about my "Bible Stories" either, the latest of which looks like this:

Love y'all's comics.