Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Easter Bunny Brought Us Fun Things

We decorated the Flamingo Ave house all pretty for Easter Sunday. Rusty doesn't like the phrase "Easter Sunday" because it's a bit too much like saying "plate lunch," but too bad for him.

Here's our shelf of fun.

We also watched It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown, which was admittedly boring. But our Peanuts-themed stuffed animals, a gift last year from my mom, weren't boring. Guess which one is Rusty's and which one is Carrie's.

The Easter Bunny came early this year because he wanted us to have fun with sugar and toys through the weekend. Rusty got some bubble gum, marshmallow bunnies, Reese's eggs, and Reese's cups, a Yosemite Sam card (all unpictured), along with some lambs and Spiderman eggs (pictured below).

I got a wind-up walking egg, a blue plastic bunny, Reese's cups, a Reese's Egg, and an "It's Bunny Time" card (all unpictured).

We ate turkey, peas, and rice and had a generally good time. I wore my annual Honey Bunny t-shirt.

We dyed eggs again, and this year our egg dye came with puffy paint. So we paid tribute to our upcoming wedding.

But, best of all, the Easter Bunny gave us all a new special little someone to cuddle at holidays. My brand new nephew, Jasper, came into the world on Friday. He already knows how to smile.

Jasper likes to be swaddled. I haven't met him yet, but I know he's smart, so smart he already dyed his own Easter egg and wrote his name on it.