Friday, March 23, 2007

We're gettin' married at The Parrot Jungle!

I'll play Bridezilla for this post and talk about me and my wedding. It's my big day and it will be all about me and what better place to celebrate me and my princess-ness than The Parrot Jungle! If you're not from Miami, chances are you haven't heard of it, but it's been open for a billion years, is a tourist spot in Miami, something akin to a tropical zoo for birds with flamingos, parrots, wild animal shows, man-made waterfalls, and the like. They've got big ballrooms overlooking the water and downtown Miami, and it seemed just wacky enough for us.

On July 21st, this parrot will be hoisting a flag that says, "Carrie and Rusty are doing what gay people everywhere only dream of!"

This parrot can't make it, but Rusty will be challenged with balancing an umbrella on his head all through the ceremony, as shown below.

And there will certainly be three beauties at the wedding, this lady and her parrots. What'd you think I meant? Me, Rusty, and our favorite beauty, Noby?

Our bridesmaids, Noby, Tommy, and my brother, will all wear yellow one-piece bathing suits.

And all the guests, who love small-talk, will discuss the weather!

Then the guests will pose for pictures, as shown below.