Monday, January 22, 2007

Netflix Fever: Catch It!

As some of you know, Carrie and I are Netflix fiends. Some of you are our Netflix friends already. Being a Netflix friend is great because you get to spy on your buddies and see what they're renting and (if they rate movies) what they like. It's a lot more engaging than those MySpace questionaires.

If you were our friend, you would learn things like which movies I love and Carrie hates or that I hate and Carrie loves. Here's a taste. (Keep in mind that the ratings system for Netflix is "Loved It," "Really Liked It," "Liked It," "Did Not Like It," and "Hated It." There's no "Thought It Was Average" vote yet, unfortunately.)

Rusty Loves But Carrie Hates:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the TV series)
From Dusk Till Dawn
The Lord of the Rings

Rusty Really Likes But Carrie Hates:

28 Days Later
The Thing (John Carpenter's)

Rusty Doesn't Hate Any Movies That Carrie Loves, or Even Not Like Any of Them, Just "Likes" Some of Them, but There Are Some That...

Carrie Really Likes But Rusty Does Not Like:

Being John Malkovich
Falling Down
Jesus' Son
Strangers With Candy (the movie)

That's all of them from the above criteria. It's these major disagreements that make us only have -- according to Netflix -- 90% similar taste in the movies we've rated.

Fans of the GLORY!blog who are my friends and their percentages of similar tastes to me:

Neola 76
Noby 73
Tommy 73
Liza Sisson 71
Matt 54
Lori 52

If you want to be Rusty's Netflix friend, get Netflix (if you ain't already) and then click the link below:

Become Rusty's Netflix Friend.

This also means you, Melissa!

Will Carrie have a more clever Netflix followup post, or something more clever that's non-Netflix, non-Sims? Stay tuned!

Oh, and happy birthday to my sister Vicki, who probably doesn't read this.

(And you should also catch goat fever.)