Sunday, January 28, 2007

Love the Birthday Boy


All right, everybody -- Give the man your love! He's 32!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Daily Time-Waster

If you want to be my Netflix friend, here's the linkey. Rusty can't have all the friends.

And for more fun on the internet, here's a projection of what Rusty and I will look like on our honeymoon, provided we turn into M&Ms before July 21st.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Netflix Fever: Catch It!

As some of you know, Carrie and I are Netflix fiends. Some of you are our Netflix friends already. Being a Netflix friend is great because you get to spy on your buddies and see what they're renting and (if they rate movies) what they like. It's a lot more engaging than those MySpace questionaires.

If you were our friend, you would learn things like which movies I love and Carrie hates or that I hate and Carrie loves. Here's a taste. (Keep in mind that the ratings system for Netflix is "Loved It," "Really Liked It," "Liked It," "Did Not Like It," and "Hated It." There's no "Thought It Was Average" vote yet, unfortunately.)

Rusty Loves But Carrie Hates:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the TV series)
From Dusk Till Dawn
The Lord of the Rings

Rusty Really Likes But Carrie Hates:

28 Days Later
The Thing (John Carpenter's)

Rusty Doesn't Hate Any Movies That Carrie Loves, or Even Not Like Any of Them, Just "Likes" Some of Them, but There Are Some That...

Carrie Really Likes But Rusty Does Not Like:

Being John Malkovich
Falling Down
Jesus' Son
Strangers With Candy (the movie)

That's all of them from the above criteria. It's these major disagreements that make us only have -- according to Netflix -- 90% similar taste in the movies we've rated.

Fans of the GLORY!blog who are my friends and their percentages of similar tastes to me:

Neola 76
Noby 73
Tommy 73
Liza Sisson 71
Matt 54
Lori 52

If you want to be Rusty's Netflix friend, get Netflix (if you ain't already) and then click the link below:

Become Rusty's Netflix Friend.

This also means you, Melissa!

Will Carrie have a more clever Netflix followup post, or something more clever that's non-Netflix, non-Sims? Stay tuned!

Oh, and happy birthday to my sister Vicki, who probably doesn't read this.

(And you should also catch goat fever.)

Saturday, January 20, 2007

I hope this doesn't make me weird...

Proving that I'm not a complete ego-/couple-maniac, I actually play Sims characters sometimes who are not me and Carrie.

Yep, Jason B. Bell. I gave him a robot shop built into his home. The one robot he made didn't sell well, so he switched to buying and selling art (sometimes painting his own). At first, the shop cost so much that Jason couldn't even afford to put carpet down over the grass in the living part of his house.

Eventually he made enough to get that taken care of.

His first employee was Faith from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She wasn't the greatest cashier at first. There was some other dude hired too, but he ended up being too expensive.

Noby, however, was much better as stock boy and eventual salesman. Currently, everyone is fired except Noby.

But it ain't all work. Jason on his first date with his girlfriend Betch Fuchs (a name I didn't make up). Her name proved true eventually when they -- as the Sims say -- did "Whoo Hoo." She lived with him for a day or two, then moved out. This is Jason in one of those NASA spinny things.

Guess who's coming to dinner?

Jason replaced Beth with the company of a womrat named Pinky.

Eventually the art store became the hippest place in the neighborhood, but Jason still has a thing or two to learn about the cash register.


Later, I'll bring you Lil' Rusty and Lil' Carrie: not their children, but freakish body time travel versions. On the next installment of "Posts Only Rusty Really Cares About, But At Least You Get To Read Something."

Friday, January 19, 2007

By Popular Demand

Christmas and Philadelphia photos are now available on The Carrie Hoffman Webpage. As a warning, we didn't take very many this year. It was a little bit of a sick and tired and too much driving Christmas. Click the picture below, of us at the Rodin museum, for more.

That's the real Thinker, by the way. Just sitting outside, with no concern for bird droppings or the elements. We passed by it at first, thinking it must be a replica and the real one would be inside the museum. Nope. It's just out on the street.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

In case you're wondering about life at home with Rusty & Carrie

Tonight when Rusty came home I was cooking dinner. I'd concocted a chicken gumbo out of some leftover chicken, canned tomatoes, chicken broth, onions, and some other random shit that was around. The goal was to get rid of stuff that might be wasted otherwise, and also to come up with dinner when we really didn't have much in the way of dinner food. I explained all of this to him and his response was, "Well, now you're a real housewife."

And, in case you're wondering . . . this is what we watch on TV.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Update Your Bookmarks

If you're using as the address for getting to the gloryblog, be prepared to go straight to in the near future since is going to be used for something else. What else? A surprise, that's what!

Seacrest out.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

We're Grandparents!

Well, our Sim counterparts are. Here's our daughter with her first baby. Too bad the father cheated on her and the Rusty Sim killed him and he's a ghost now who haunts their house.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Friday, January 05, 2007

Wedding Etiquette

Over the break, Rusty and I made a lot of headway in our preparations for our wedding, and along the way, we've learned a lot about the "rules" for having a successful wedding. I thought it'd be nice to share some of them here with you:

1. The most important things to think about, before you make any plans, are the gifts you will receive from your wedding guests. It is especially important, these days, since so many brides and grooms have not lived on their own before and will therefore need many household items. It is important that brides register for their wedding gifts in order to make sure that they receive the most useless things possible. You will definitely want to register for 20 shrimp forks, a fondue pot, two avocado mashers, a culinary torch for making creme brulee, and three horseradish graters. These items are essential for setting up a home and no registry will be complete without them.

2. It is a Southern tradition that the groom get his own cake at the wedding, since, as we all know, the wedding is really about the bride's mother. It is a nice gesture to let the groom have something that represents him on the big day. The groom's cake should be made in the groom's favorite flavor, whether chocolate, lemon, or booze. The shape of the cake should be fun, whimsical, and should represent some interest of the groom -- for example, the cake can be made to look like a football, a remote control, or the maid of honor's boobs. At the end of the night, an unmarried female guest can take home a small piece of cake and put it under her pillow. The legend goes that if she dreams of the groom that night, the two will have an affair that ruins the marriage and ends with the suicide of the bride and groom’s first child.

3. It is important to remember that this is the groom’s day. He is the prince. All attention should focus on him, and all groomsmen must make sure not to look better than him.

4. Now that you are planning the wedding, you need suddenly to make a huge deal about things you may never have noticed before, like do you have ribbons tie around your napkins? Do you have a shorter white table cloth to put over your longer white table cloth? Should your guests get crystal bells or almonds wrapped in tulle to throw away after the reception?

5. The people who sell you things for the wedding—-photographers, florists, DJs—-are called vendors. It is important to throw the word “vendor” around as much as possible when discussing and planning your wedding. Every time you use the word vendor you should feel in the know.

6. The wedding should look as ridiculous as possible. This is why you need four-foot tall flower arrangements on the table, blocking the views and conversations of the guests. You will also need to cover perfectly good chairs in wads of white fabric, with huge bows tied on the back. Now you know about chair covers.

7. Brides wear white to symbolize their purity. Any bride who wears a cream-colored dress is a slut and a hussy.

8. Have you considered spelling out the name of your groom in the flowers of your bouquets? Gimmicks like this mean you really love your groom, and will help the marriage last at least for the first two years.

9. If you want to have children in your wedding, it is important to smack them around before the ceremony. This will ensure that they know not to get out of line or detract from the prince of the day (the groom) with their cuteness.

10. The bride’s garter should be removed by the groom in the sleaziest way possible,and the single gentleman guest who catches it should make sure to use rubber gloves when touching it to avoid any diseases.

11. When throwing rice, guests must make sure not to get any rice in the ears of the bride or groom, as a grain of rice could lodge in an ear and cause permanent deafness.

12. If the bride’s parents are helping plan the wedding, they must double check every decision in etiquette guides and bridal magazines to make sure that an original idea doesn’t somehow slip into the wedding.