Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Your Official GLORY!blog Election Coverage

My favorite "issue" on this election day is this one about whether to ban mourning dove hunting in Michigan. One side says, "hunters would severely deplete the state’s 4 million mourning doves." The other side says, "Doves are often grilled, broiled or roasted for a serving of two to four birds per person." Who will win? The birds or the men who shop at the Bass Pro Shop?

But here in Texas, only one question matters today: who will win the election for Railroad Commissioner? 74-year old, storytellin' Democrat Dale Henry? Or Republican mother of two Elizabeth Ames Jones, who calls herself "a daughter of the oil patch"? Elizabeth looks prettier, but Dale sounds more like an authentic Texan. It's a difficult decision, but an important one.

Remember: every vote counts!

Remember also: freedom isn't free!

And: we're gonna smoke 'em out of their caves!

Furthermore: don't let the terrorists win!

To reiterate: no child left behind!

Additionally, don't forget: together, we'll build a future!

But more importantly: we'll build a bridge to the 21st century!

What I'm trying to say is: we'll be better off than we were four years ago!

Put simply: we care about working families and affordable prescription drugs for seniors!

Because in the end: we're here to serve the American people!