Friday, October 27, 2006

More Hallowe'en Fun on the GLORY!blog

Here is the world's largest Jack o' Lantern at an oil refinery in LA:

Click here if you're a lady and you're still in the market for your traditional whorish Halloween costume.

Halloween: an excuse to be a slut. You know about all the traditions -- the sexy devil! the sexy mouse! You know, basically your usual skimpy outfit with ears and some fishnets? But what about the sexy jailbird? Or just go literal and be . . . a sexy whore. Please, though, don't forget Captain Booty. I'm beginning to think this site is for more than just Halloween costumes. But why is it that they have this "sexy bunny" outfit for women and this "bunny honey" outfit for little girls?

Now, for the boy readers who are upset that there's nothing in this post for them: you can write your name in Pretzel Font, here you go.