Tuesday, October 31, 2006


We'll get to the Halloween fun soon, but first...

... we got flamingoes.

We live on Flamingo Avenue, so--figured...

Here's bunny hanging the Halloween decorations outside. You've already seen some of our spooky lights.

We visit the pumpkin patch. Clearly one of these pumpkins is doing its own thing.

Hangin' with the scarecrows.

The winners!

"You wownt sum guhts?"

The Ghost Family Halloween Special.

Carrie's masterpiece.

Rusty's masterpiece.

Us and our art.

This is how they look all jack-o-lantered out.

Later that day, to compensate for the senseless destruction of food in a world full of starving people, our heads were cut off. This is, in fact, what happened to the Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow. It's kind of a karma thing.

Friday, October 27, 2006

More Hallowe'en Fun on the GLORY!blog

Here is the world's largest Jack o' Lantern at an oil refinery in LA:

Click here if you're a lady and you're still in the market for your traditional whorish Halloween costume.

Halloween: an excuse to be a slut. You know about all the traditions -- the sexy devil! the sexy mouse! You know, basically your usual skimpy outfit with ears and some fishnets? But what about the sexy jailbird? Or just go literal and be . . . a sexy whore. Please, though, don't forget Captain Booty. I'm beginning to think this site is for more than just Halloween costumes. But why is it that they have this "sexy bunny" outfit for women and this "bunny honey" outfit for little girls?

Now, for the boy readers who are upset that there's nothing in this post for them: you can write your name in Pretzel Font, here you go.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

In case you haven't gotten enough pictures of us over the years . . .

Here are more of us with gourds.

Rusty "Fatty Boombalatty" Spell mauls the Pumpkin Peeps

A Contemplative Rusty contemplates our new Halloween decorations

All Our Traditional Tiny Buckets, All Lined Up

I'm Crazy Pumpkin-Head, Talking to Noby, Now Give Me Some Candy

Thursday, October 12, 2006

That's Our Kafka!

When Carrie and Rusty woke up this morning from unsettling dreams, they found themselves changed in their bed into a monstrous vermin. Rusty insisted that he be thought of as a cockroach while Carrie opted for the more generic "bug," citing that she felt more magical that way. "This isn't magical, this is real," Rusty argued, and Carrie said, "It's the beginnings of magic realism," and Rusty said, "I guess."

They were lying on their backs, as hard as armor plates, and they observed each other's vaulted brown bellies, arch-shaped ribs, and pitifully-thin multitude of legs, which were -- they noticed with amusement -- waving around helplessly before their eyes. "Cut it out there, twitchy," Rusty said. "You're no morning sunshine either," Carrie said.

"What's happened to us?" Rusty said. It was the obvious question. "We're not dreaming," Carrie said. And they weren't. It was their room, a regular human room. Red curtains covered vertical blinds that hung over their sliding glass door that lead into their back yard. A regular wooden door led to their living room. A closet door led to their closet. Yet another door led to their second bathroom. A CD of The Doors was spinning, on pause, in their player from the previous night. Carrie's Halloween costume of the Doormouse from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland lay on the floor next to Rusty's robe and blue jeans. Realizing the seriousness of the situation, they both had dour expressions.

It never rained in the Valley, but it had been raining every day for two weeks, and it was raining this morning as well. "How about going back to sleep for a few minutes and forgetting all this nonsense," Rusty suggested, but Carrie thought that was completely impracticable, since they were used to sleeping on their sides and at the present state could not get into that position. "Spooning isn't everything," Rusty offered.

"Oh God," Carrie said, "what grueling jobs we've picked." She had a five course load this semester. Rusty had only four and so was able to spend some of his time, while Carrie was preparing for the next day's class, playing Theif 3 on his computer.

"This getting up so early," Rusty said, "makes anyone a complete idiot. Human beings have to have their sleep."

"If you were in a book, some student would highlight what you just said," Carrie noted.

And so on. Brown liquid. Apples lodged in torso. Daughter stretching her young body.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Taco Witch

Before the screening of The Bat last night (maybe more on that later, maybe from Carrie, who can make it funny), we decided to go to the Taco Witch.

Some old dude down the street watched us while we took these pictures:

This is the actual Taco Witch.

Unfortunately, it was closed, but fortunately there's no shortage of Mexican restaurants around here, so we went to Don Juan's (which we like to pronounce "Jew-An," as if we're reading Byron). Pictures of us enjoying chips and salsa.

Note my Mexican Coca~Cola.

Will we have more adventures in food? Stay tuned to the GLORY!blog to find out!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Talkin' and Drawin' Halloween Icons

We sat around the kitchen table on Friday night drawing Halloween pictures. Here are some:

Rusty's zombie, pumpkin head, mad scientist, bat, and wizard:

Rusty's creature from the black lagoon, alien, robot, Elvira, and ogre:

Rusty's Frankenstein, Dracula, and werewolf:

Carrie's "Joe College" Frankenstein:

Rusty's Invisible Man, frog, Daniel Johnston-style eyeball, witch, skeleton, and devil:

Carrie's frog, bubbling cauldron, and skeleton:

Carrie's Trick or Treaters:

Carrie's scarecrow and Dracula:

Carrie's witches:

Carrie's Spooky Spider:

If Dracula and Frankestein mated, our Drac[k]ensteins:

Carrie's Batty for Boo:

The Rusty and Carrie pumpkins: