Sunday, August 20, 2006


We haven't shown any more pictures of the place since we've moved in. We've got something special in mind for the future to really show it off, but here's some sneak-peeks for now.

One of the bigger chores was filing all our newly-combined media. Here's a stack of (some) of our CDs before they were put up.

We have special cabinets for our board games. This is just one of them.

Our new fridge, complete with magnets. Look carefully for Happy Milk, Richard Schwartz, and the Support Carrie Hoffman Dot Com ribbons.

This is probably our favorite place in the house, the dining area off from the kitchen. We look outside at birds and butterflies and stuff. Two bookshelves here. We have at least one bookshelf in every room except the kitchen and bathrooms. Those all got filed too.

Close-up of our new napkin-holder and Coca-Cola salt and pepper shakers.

Carrie's toys on the kitchen window sill.

We use the ninja-attacks-Jeff magnet to know when the dishes are dirty or clean in the dishwasher. When Jeff gets kicked upside-down, they're dirty.

We filed the DVDs too. And set up the speakers with new stands in the front and back.

Yes, that is Hee-Haw on the TV.

Notice anything unusual about these doorways?

The secret! I've got white speaker wire strung and clamped around both of them so it's out of the way. Here's a close-up.

We got the duckies on the duck duck.

I have this clock Carrie gave me hanging in my room. It doesn't work, so I set it for 9:11... so I'll always remember...

Here are the built-in shelves in my room. I use them to hold my "toy" instruments.

I did eventually put the CDs up. Here they are. We bought the extra rack ahead of time just in case we needed it. Give us a few months and we will.