Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Best of...

I've just finished putting mine and Carrie's CDs together--the big consolidation, the ultimate in commitment. We've already begun selling our duplicates. While typing Carrie's stuff into my online list, I noticed how many greatest hits collections we have together. Here they are:

  1. ABBA: Thank You For the Music
  2. ABBA: The Definitive Collection -- These two as well as the entire ABBA catalog.
  3. Paula Abdul: Greatest Hits
  4. Air Supply: Ultimate Air Supply -- And the T-shirt to match.
  5. The Art of Noise: The Best of the Art of Noise [Pink Cover]
  6. Rick Astley: Greatest Hits
  7. Bananarama: Greatest Hits Collection
  8. The Bangles: Greatest Hits
  9. Beastie Boys: Anthology--The Sounds of Science
  10. The Beatles: 1 -- And their entire catalog (duh!).
  11. Bee Gees: Number Ones
  12. The B-52's: Time Capsule -- And a few of their albums.
  13. Blondie: Greatest Hits
  14. Bobby Brown: Greatest Hits
  15. Carpenters: Gold
  16. The Cars: Anthology--Just What I Needed
  17. Johnny Cash: The Heart of a Legend
  18. Johnny Cash: The Man in Black--His Greatest Hits -- And several albums. All five of the American ones.
  19. Ray Charles: The Very Best of Ray Charles Volume II
  20. The Chieftains: The Best of the Chieftains
  21. The Clash: The Story of the Clash, Volume 1
  22. David Allan Coe: 17 Greatest Hits
  23. Leonard Cohen: More Best Of
  24. The Cure: Greatest Hits
  25. Deee-Lite: The Very Best of Deee-Lite
  26. Depeche Mode: The Singles 81>85
  27. Depeche Mode: The Singles 86>98 -- And two of their albums.
  28. Destiny's Child: #1's -- And an album or two.
  29. Devo: Greatest Hits
  30. Devo: Greatest Misses
  31. DJ Laz: Greatest Hits
  32. Fats Domino: The Fats Domino Jukebox
  33. Donovan: Donovan's Greatest Hits
  34. Duran Duran: Greatest
  35. Danny Elfman: Music for a Darkened Theater Volume One
  36. Danny Elfman: Music for a Darkened Theater Volume Two -- And one soundtrack.
  37. Erasure: Pop!--The First 20 Hits -- And their entire catalog.
  38. Eurythmics: Greatest Hits
  39. Exposé: Greatest Hits
  40. Fleetwood Mac: The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac
  41. John Fogerty: The Long Road Home
  42. Four Tops: Anthology
  43. Aretha Franklin: The Very Best of Aretha Franklin
  44. Debbie Gibson: Greatest Hits
  45. Go-Go's: VH1 Behind the Music Go-Go's Collection
  46. Billie Holiday: The Essential Billie Holiday--Songs of Lost Love
  47. Billie Holiday: Billie Holiday's Greatest Hits
  48. The Human League: The Very Best of The Human League -- And a tribute album.
  49. Janet Jackson: Design of a Decade
  50. The Jackson 5: The Ultimate Collection -- And a Christmas CD.
  51. Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince: Greatest Hits
  52. Billy Joel: The Complete Hits Collection
  53. Elton John: Greatest Hits, 1970-2002 -- And the Princess Diana single.
  54. Howard Jones: The Best of Howard Jones -- And a live album.
  55. Journey: Greatest Hits
  56. Carole King: Super Hits -- And Tapestry (duh!).
  57. Patti LaBelle: Best of Patti LaBelle
  58. John Lennon: The John Lennon Collection
  59. Huey Lewis and the News: Time Flies--The Best of Huey Lewis and the News
  60. Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam: Super Hits
  61. The Mamas and the Papas: Greatest Hits
  62. Men at Work: The Essential Men at Work
  63. Kylie Minogue: Greatest Hits 87-97 -- And an album.
  64. The Mnemonic Devices: The Singles Collection (1996-2001) -- And their entire catalog, for some reason.
  65. New Kids on the Block: Greatest Hits
  66. New Order: Substance
  67. New Order: Singles
  68. Olivia Newton-John: Magic--The Very Best of Olivia Newton-John
  69. 'nikcuS: Favorites -- See The Mnemonic Devices.
  70. No Doubt: The Singles 1992-2003 -- And most of their albums.
  71. Sinéad O'Connor: So Far... The Best of Sinéad O'Connor -- And most of her albums.
  72. OutKast: Big Boi and Dre Present... OutKast -- And the rest of their catalog.
  73. Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark: The Singles
  74. Pebbles: Greatest Hits
  75. Pet Shop Boys: The Complete Singles Collection
  76. Elvis Presley: The Top Ten Hits -- And some other stuff.
  77. Queen: Greatest Hits
  78. Queen: Classic Queen -- And an album.
  79. Lou Reed: Walk on the Wild Side, The Best of Lou Reed
  80. R.E.M.: Eponymous -- And their entire catalog.
  81. Kenny Rogers: Twenty Greatest Hits
  82. Rolling Stones: Forty Licks -- And an album.
  83. Todd Rundgren: The Very Best of Todd Rundgren
  84. Raymond Scott: Reckless Nights and Turkish Twilights
  85. Carly Simon: Reflections--Carly Simon's Greatest Hits
  86. Simon and Garfunkel: Greatest Hits -- And their entire catalog.
  87. The Smiths: Best ... 1
  88. The Smiths: Best ... 2 -- And most of their album.
  89. Rusty Spell: Age 20 to 30 -- And all his crap.
  90. Sugarhill Gang: The Best of Sugarhill Gang
  91. Sugar Ray: The Best of Sugar Ray
  92. P.I. Tchaikovsky: The Best of Tchaikovsky -- And some other stuff.
  93. Tears for Fears: Shout--The Very Best of Tears for Fears
  94. Pete Townshend: The Best of Pete Townshend
  95. The Velvet Underground: The Best of the Velvet Underground -- And their entire catalog, and more.
  96. Jerry Jeff Walker: Ultimate Collection
  97. Don Williams: The Best of Don Williams Vol. II
  98. Don Williams: The Best of Don Williams
  99. Stevie Wonder: Greatest Hits Volume 2

The end. We like greatest hits albums and will get more. Go see our entire collection.