Monday, July 24, 2006

Viva La Penske!

As most of you know, Carrie and Rusty moved to McAllen, Texas from Hattiesburg and Edinburg, respectively. Here they are with Noby at the end of a happy and safe job.

Noby drove the truck the entire way, like a man. Here he is watching in horror as some college girls try to kill Rusty, who is driving ahead of Noby in the Jetta.

The boys wore their yellow Cataphote shirts on moving day. It helped give them the superpowers they needed to carry heavy furniture (now pronounced "faw nuh chuh").

Carrie wore her yellow Ladybug shirt. The Ladybug was responsible for last-minute packing, cleaning, sorting, and carrying light items ("sheet music"). She also, she'll have you know, helped with some heavy stuff. Ladybugs do it all.

After a long week, the Cataphotes and Ladybug deserved a little rest in the new house...

... but not before giving a thumbs-up on a job well done!

Note: Not only do Rusty and Carrie not have DSL now, but -- due to construction in the area -- they probably won't have it until the first of September. And not only that, but instead of their dial-up connecting at around 56K, Carrie's computer connects at 23 while Rusty's connects at 19 -- also due to construction, apparently. So expect limited internet activity and gloryblogging until sometime after Labor Day. It took all night just to upload the above pictures.

Note #2: The next several posts will probably deal with the new house in some way, so we hope you like this topic.