Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wilfred Brimley and Shannon Doherty

Listen to this while reading. Seriously.

We got a house! Whenever we go to the prom or other important events, we'll take pictures in front of it, usually with the car. Rusty likes the palm tree. We're talking them into getting us new grass.

The house is on Flamingo Avenue (hells yeah) in McAllen. We're definitely getting some pink flamingoes for our yard. We live in the perfect part of town, near Target, the HEB gro-ro store (home of pretty pictures of Carrie with produce), the Barnes & Noble, and of course Rusty's media store, Hastings. Everything's not a 15 minute drive any more... except maybe work.

Carrie's favorite feature of the house is the door. It invites you in, weary traveller...

... to the foyer (pronounced "fo-yay"). Don't mind Painty Can Flanders in the corner. (Pardon our progress.) Anyway, we're rich now cause we have a foyer and a two-car garage. If you look closely (and you can't), you can see little flower designs in the tile.

Our living room, where we pay more for digital cable than for electricity. The door on the right is the only view you'll get here of the master bedroom, "where the magic happens."

70s-style high ceilings with brown wooden beams and a fan. We plan on playing lots of basketball in here.

The dining area, where we play German board games with Noby. Note the cool shape of the wall where the window is and the ghost pines for her lover.

The kitchen, where Alex P. Keaton discusses his problems of the week. That big space on the wall will soon be filled with the fancy new fridge (we always call it a fridge) we bought with the side-by-side freezer and fridge doors (you know, the fancy kind) with a fancy ice and water dispenser on the outside. Something fancy. We also bought a washer and dryer which go in that hidden room there on the side. We're rich now.

The extra door in the bathroom is so one can take dumps while one brushes one's teeth.

Where the magic really happens.

Future home of Love and Letters Studios. Carrie looks jealously at Rusty's built-in desk and cool closets (and window you can't see). But never fear: she will have her own room too: THE HOFFICE! (Note: The Hoffice also converts into a guest room.)

All of our ceiling fans have their PhDs.

Some backyard vegetation. The trees will be filled with the Edinbirds that follow us to McAllen.

Some cactus in the back so Carrie can get her daily prick.

Garbage Row.

Watch as supermodel Carrie Hoffman shows off our new gerbage can. "Where's the gerbage?" indeed!

Our house comes free with a dirty tennis ball.

Thanks, Sandra! We love you.

If anyone wants to visit, The Hoffice is waiting for you.