Saturday, June 10, 2006

Carrie Left Me... (but only for four days)

She went to a literary conference in Los Angeles last Thursday because she's a dork now. She'll be back on Sunday. I've consoled myself by buying four albums.

I got Queen's A Night at the Opera. We'll see if I like it better the second listen.

The 2 Live Crew's As Nasty as They Wanna Be, a classic, though I wrongly thought that all their hit songs were on the one album. I miss "Throw the D" and "Hey, We Want Some Pussy." That's them, right? Oh yeah, and it is The 2 Live Crew. I never knew about the the. Well, I knew about The The, that other band, but not the the in The 2 Live Crew.

The best of Huey Lewis and the News because it was used and all used CDs were 30% off, so I got it for like 4 bucks. I've gotten in a mood lately where, if enough time passes (at least 10 years, though 20 helps), I like things that I didn't originally like when I heard them on the radio. Two decades and I can fully enjoy "Stuck With You."

And, most importantly, Debbie Gibson's greatest hits. Turns out I like every one of her singles. And she has a nice ass. See?

Upcoming posts will inform you on our housing situation, how the media consolidation is going, swimming pool bobbin', and the previously-mentioned decisions about toilet paper.