Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Bicycles Built for Boo Boos

We got the bikes! A pink 24" Schwinn for me and a red 26" Magna for Rusty. We also got a bike rack for the car, which did not install in minutes. And helmets, which we will always wear to set a good example and because of Uncle Bill who once woke up lying in the middle of the street with his bike helmet cracked in half. Now we can ride anywhere in the Valley!

Here we are riding around the University of Texas-Pan American last night.

Just kidding - this is us.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Some Things You Want To Know

  • We've got less than a week of Hattiesburg life.
  • We're gonna get bikes.
  • I'm finally gonna get a cell phone. Shudder.
  • We ate at Leatha's again and "defiled" ourselves, as Tommy put it.
  • We played Laser Tag.
  • I beat Carrie five times in a row in Jeopardy! on the computer before she won once.
  • I also won at Acquire.
  • I just made up a new board game.
  • The zoo closes at 4:00 pm.
  • And what you really want to know. We'll eventually post (mostly) daily again. Just because we're bunny-bunny now doesn't mean we'll always be this sporadic. It's just we're still on va-ca.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Tomorrow I go to MS. Friday Carrie graduates. End of May we come back to TX. June I teach the Summmer session while Carrie finds something to do at my apartment. By the end of July we should move into our new place (wherever that will be). August we start workin'. But the important thing is, we're together from now on: this is my last day of being "single."

So stay tuned and see how the GLORY!blog will morph once we're actually together.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Will Oldham Follow Up

I got Will to sign my CD. He's pretty good at belnding into a crowd because at the beginning of the night, he was just sitting at the corner of the bar having a beer, looking like all the other Thirsty Hippo people. Everybody was there to see him and yet nobody recognized him. So I went up and got him to sign my CD. Here's what he wrote:

Dear Carrie,

Remain Blest!

[insert long arrow going down to the bottom of the CD insert]

Will Oldham

Here's a photo of the big night --

I actually had to leave before his show was over because he didn't start playing until 12:15 and I had to teach in the morning, plus I couldn't breathe with all the smoke. I did, however, get to hear the band that played before him, whose name I forget, but if you were ever wondering what it might sound like if they had music playing as you descend into hell, it would have to be this band's music. We actually all had our hands over our ears.

I am now less than a week away from becoming Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Dr. Spell, PhDork, gets here on Wednesday.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Will Oldham

In honor of Carrie getting to see Will Oldham perform live before I do, here's his rendition of AC/DC's "Big Balls."

It's just as well that I don't get to go. I'd have to leave the room if he started singing "I See a Darkness."

Today you get no picture, cause -- you know -- it's not a rule or anything.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Sugar Winner

Noby, Liza, Neola, and Pia win the Splendor in the Grass game. Your reward is the Rodney Dangerfield No Respect board game, showing here.

The catch is you have to find it yourself on eBay. I will pay up to one dollar apiece toward your obtaining it.

Special Note: I had this board game in my hand once and didn't buy it.