Monday, April 17, 2006

Spring Break Ends

But the good news is that in 10 days, we took over 400 pictures. My selected selections are already up on my photo page. Here are some highlights:

Rusty attacked some helpless bunnies.

We went back to Amberjack's on South Padre Island and took a third photo of me, trying to match photos from our last two trips. See picture one and
picture two.

Rusty became a Russian ballerina on the beach.

We dyed some fabulous Easter eggs.

Other highlights:

*We made progress toward our potential big announcement.

*Rusty got Lambchop and Rednex and Carrie got Morrissey and Expose.

*Rusty got Dead Man and Carrie got Office Space.

*Rusty got Spree, Peeps, Bubble Tape, and Candy Necklaces and Carrie got chocolate bunnies.

*We both got the same Easter card for each other. The inside of it reads: "Who's your bunny?"

*The Len Man called three times.

*Carrie made ham.

*Rusty beat Carrie at bowling, both games, but Carrie beat Rusty at Scrabble in the one game they played. Carrie used the word vinyl.

*We liked Birth but not Jarhead or Walk the Line. Rusty didn't like Dead Man as much as he remembered, though it was still good. Carrie really liked Ghost Dog. Nell is funny.

*Lots of Mexican people gave speeches.

*The Strawberry Explosion recorded their newest single with lots of bonus tracks, some with funny voices!

*Love and dove.