Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Dateline: Tuesday: Spring Break 2

Carrie's drying her hair with a hair dryer.

My hair is drying even quicker without a machine.

Walk the Line is bad. Birth is good.

I got enchiladas. Carrie got tacos.

Carrie makes good chicken.

The HEB is a good place for taking pictures, especially the produce section. (Proof to come.)

I can eat a box of blue Peeps Bunnies in a day. (Dull surprise.)

We might have our own REALLY BIG ANNOUNCEMENT (in the tradition of Tommy Burton) soon. Note: it's not a wedding or baby or anything like that.

The birds in Edinburg live in the trees by the hundreds. They are known as Edinbirds.

Peter Jackson's Production Diaries are like lullabyes.

We haven't forgotten you.