Wednesday, March 01, 2006

You All Lose the Literary Reference Game.

Happy Birthday to Rusty's parents, both of whom are celebrating a birthday today, because they're just that kind of couple.

Regarding the literary reference in my last post, the answer is this passage from Raymond Carver's story "So Much Water So Close to Home":

I dress carefully. I try on a hat I haven't worn in several years and look at myself in the mirror. Then I remove the hat, apply a light makeup, and write a note for Dean.

Honey, Mommy has things to do this afternoon, but will be home later. You are to stay in the house or in the back/yard until one of us comes home. Love

I look at the word "Love" and then I underline it. As I am writing the note I realize I don't know whether back yard is one word or two. I have never considered it before. I think about it and then I draw a line and make two words of it.