Monday, March 27, 2006

Jen Ben and Kel Bel

I've found the next generation of those who carry on the spirit of the gloryblog (not that they know who we are). If Carrie and I were nineteen-year-old girls from Slidell, we would be Jen and Kel (not sure who's who).

You can find them here at their MySpace account (a site that's good for one or two things).

I recommend watching all of their videos, especially the short one (right now, it's the second one) where they don't unwrap their microwave popcorn. It will fill you with joy and glee. (They also have a video of them performing a dance to a remix of "My Humps.")

I've done a rare thing and tried to become their MySpace friend, but they ain't bitin'. Maybe they'll discover this tribute to them and love us. In the meantime, we can love them. We love you, Jen and Kel.