Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Rusty makes me famous again

Remember these?

They're gonna be in a book! Or some other of our Disneyworld photos will be, anyway. Two of our pictures, both photos of me taken by Rusty, are going to appear in a book for scrapbookers about how to take good amateur photos at Disneyworld. Check out this e-mail. We're famous!

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To: rusty@rustyspell
Sent: Tuesday, January 31, 2006 5:14 PM
Subject: Disney World Photos

> Hi,
> I came upon your Walt Disney World photos through an Internet search. I
> wondered if you would consider allowing us to use one or more of your
> photos in
> an upcoming (fall '06) book?

> I've written the Scrapbooker's Guide to Walt Disney World. (This is my
> seventh book, but my first about Disney World.) Most of the book will be
> devoted
> to photography tips (and examples) geared to the four parks. There will
> be
> about 400 photographs, all printed in color.

> A website (_www.PlanSnapScrap.com_ ( ) can
> give
> you more details about the project.

> We are looking for a variety of perspectives, so hope to include photos
> from
> as many as 200 amateur photographers. Unfortunately, my publisher won't
> let
> me pay anyone. What you get is a free copy of the book if your photo is
> used. (As well as your name -- and the name of your business and/or
> website, if
> you wish -- on the photo credits page. If you'd rather, for complete
> privacy, you can specify that no identifying information about your photo
> is
> provided in the book.)
> The photos we were interested in using are of Carrie (according to your
> captions), so we would of course need her permission as well as yours as
> photographer.
> Thanks for your consideration,
> Sharla Whalen
> A Scrapbooker's Guide to Walt Disney World