Sunday, January 01, 2006

Crap So Far *

* or: About What You'd Expect from a Post at This Time

1. The Carrie & Rusty Christmas Show, where we looked at our tree and got each other cool prezzies.
2. A Tommy Burton Christmas, where we played "Stoke the Fire" and got even more cool prezzies.
3. Ma and Pa Spell's Jugband Christmas, where we were buried in the prezzies of small children, and got additional cool prezzies.
4. The Big Interview Trip Pt. 1, where we had seven MLA interviews (two with the same peeps) with English/Writing people, wore suits, bought $2 Cokes, jammed to Indian music in the back of taxis, rode the red line, and listened to people with nervous stomachs farting/dumping/puking before and after interviews. No cool prezzies.
5. The Big Interview Trip Pt. 2, in which we took our forced vacation and saw the big monuments in Washington D.C., including the pretty Christmas trees set out for the War on Christmas.
6. Rusty & Carrie's Shiny New Year, flipping the TV among ball-drop shows, waking Carrie up two minutes before midnight.
7. I dunno, probably laundry day.