Monday, December 05, 2005

More Holiday Pictures

Me as a cute little boy, back when my hair was still blonde, being Frosty the Snowman.

Carrie and brother Bill. Carrie explained to me that this picture was her asking her mother if they could use this plant for a Christmas tree.

Cute pre-teen Carrie helps with the real Christmas tree.

My older brother Tony and me with Santa Claus.

An alternate GLORY!blog Christmas photo from last year that we've never posted.

Believe it or not, from Christmas. Carrie is my bunny all year round, not just at Easter.

We set up the camera on a table and told it to take pictures of us every thirty seconds as we opened presents. This was my favorite shot.

I get bored and start taking pictures while Carrie Christmas shops this year.

Okay, I snuck some Halloween pictures in here, but no one ever saw this one of Alien Bumble Carrie and her cousin Yvonne.

Another non-holiday photo of Carrie and Lori Rooney.

Carrie looks cute before our Christmas party last year...

... but gets totally hammered during.

The picture I show to all my buddies. From L-R: Carrie, Melanie, me, Pia, and Lori.

At the Pearl Christmas parade. L-R: Jason, Rusty, Noby, Carrie, Tommy.

Picking out the perfect tree was difficult this year, but in the background you can see that Carrie's mom, dad, and brother helped me.