Saturday, December 03, 2005

Christmastime of Years Past

Here are me and my brother Billy enjoying our new Christmas toys in 1979. I've got a typewriter, which is the kind of thing that would make people say, "See, you were a born writer." People are always trying to act like they could've predicted your interests/talents that early on You'll notice, however, that my brother did not become a Snoopy motorcycle driver. I like my red Christmas socks.

Here's Rusty and his sister Vicki, also in 1979, posing by the fake fireplace. That Winnie the Pooh stocking, made by Rusty's Aunt Gwen, is now hanging in my apartment. I like how Vicki gets a special Christmas outfit, but Rusty is wearing his own brown. Notice the arrows on his shoes, too.

And here's Christmas 1988 at the Hoffman House. My mom made both of those stockings on the table. My brother is wearing his hipster shirt that he'd probably kill for now, and we've both got our matching sunglasses in the appropriate gendered colors. You can see that I got two headbands, and the bling necklace, in my stocking. My brother is holding up a Garfield bookmark.