Sunday, October 09, 2005

Through the Year with Carrie: Photos You Haven't Seen

Carrie is a good holiday girl. Here's photographic proof.

January: Rusty's Birthday

Carrie throws me parties.

February: Valentine's Day

Carrie gets me treats.

March: Spring Break

Carrie gives me smackers in the season of love.

April: Easter

Carrie is a bunny.

May: Mother's Day

Carrie gets to be my mommy.

June: Father's Day

I get to be Carrie's daddy.

July: Independence Day

We make fireworks.

August: Summertime

We get to go on va-ca.

September: Back to School

We read books together.

October: Halloween

We go trick or treating together.

November: Thanksgiving

We hang out with the fam.

December: Christmas

My present under the tree!

I know the year's not quite over yet, but I'm just looking forward to spending 2006 with my baby-pants. I'm ready for some daily boo.