Friday, October 14, 2005

Making Fun of Carrie: The Misheard Lyrics Edition

Carrie famously mishears lyrics to practically every song she ever encounters (including the lyrics that are also the title of the song). Here are some highlights:

Iggy Pop: Lust for Life
"Let's go live" instead of "Lust for life."

Rheostatics: California Dreamline
"Sand in my taquito" instead of "Sand in my tequila"

Modest Mouse: Tiny Cities Made of Ashes
"Hey, boy, guess what?" instead of "Hey, boy, get a sweater."

Rusty Spell: The Iguana
"Spread your jelly on the keyboard" instead of "Spread your jelly on the iguana."

Arcade Fire: Neighborhood
"From my windodeeo" instead of "From my window to yours."

Weezer: We Are All On Drugs
"We are not our jobs" instead of "We are all on drugs."

Your mama.