Saturday, October 08, 2005

In Which I Reveal My Past

For the next week, I'm going to give you a song a day from the album that was my favorite when I was in the third grade--Gucci Crew II's So Def, So Fresh, So Stupid. My brother gave me this tape for my eighth birthday; he'd gotten my mom to buy it at Spec's, a record store up the street next too Fayva Shoes where my Aunt Janice worked. I played it in my purple boom box and hoped my mom wouldn't pay attention to the lyrics; it's the kind of thing that would be sold with a parental advisory now, but this was before Tipper Gore's crusade against Prince. You might remember Gucci Crew because of their song "Sally (That Girl)," which I think was a national hit, but Gucci Crew was a Miami phenomenon. 2 Live Crew and Tigra and Bunny--who liked the cars that go boom and who went to my high school, years before me--were other Miami phenomenas. Gucci Crew is part of Miami's "booty bass" music scene, and I remember how all the kids used to ask me, "Are you a skater, a biker, or a basser?" and I never knew what the right answer was. I used to reason it out: well I like bass music but sometimes I also like Lionel Richie. I ride my bike every day, but sometimes my brother lets me borrow his skateboard . . . I'm proud of my booty bass heritage.

Here's Gucci Broke, which is my second-favorite song on the album. Listen to it and tell everyone you're a basser!

Also, my alarm clock died last night. I knocked it onto the floor by accident and it stopped working. I've had it since the seventh grade, when I started jr. high and my mom and dad were already gone by 8 when I had to get up to catch the school bus. I feel a little sad about having to replace it. People don't make simple alarm clocks any more. Now they all have radios or cd players or some feature that talks to you, none of which I want as I'm waking up. Let's all mourn the loss of my eighth grade alarm clock. I'll never wake up the same way again.