Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween Pumpkin Winners

The correct answer is that Carrie is ONE and Rusty is TWO. We could possibly explain how we arrived at that (we haven't tried yet), but if someone wants to comment on how you arrived at your answer, that's something that could be fun to read as a comment.

The three people who guessed correctly receive these photo-crowns.




The two people who guessed incorrectly are also winners just for playing, but they get loving dunce caps.



Thanks for playing, and Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Some Tasks For You To Complete

One: Download the new Strawberry Explosion cover of My Humps. It's a straight-up cover and has already been called "A marvelous incantatory deviation."

Two: Look at the new photos up on my webpage, where you'll see some fall break fun that Rusty didn't put on his photo page. He's stingy sometimes, especially with cute ones of himself.

Three: Don't forget to visit Rusty's Halloween Mixtape, where you can listen to The Strawberry Explosion's cover of The Monster Mash.

Four: Share a Reese's Peanut Butter Pumpkin with someone you love.

Five: Wait for tomorrow when Rusty will reveal the winners of the pumpkin guessing contest!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Storyboard Comparison

In case you were wondering how accurate Carrie's drawings from the weekend were, here's a side-by-side comparison.

Note that Carrie's version of reality is just as legit as that version as seen by the photograph. In fact, in my memory, hers seems more genuine.

NEW RULES: We're not waiting till Halloween to announce the winner of the pumpkin contest (and it is a real contest). We'll announce it anytime we feel like it. Maybe I will right now... Okay, I didn't, but I could have. Carrie might announce it on her next go, or I might. Just be warned, slackers.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

You Know What You Came to See

Rusty beat me to posting the photos on his pagelet. I'm still waiting for that photo CD, but rest assured, my page will have more and different photos, so you just wait.

Here's that kite I told you about. I love her shoes and star wand.

Here I am flying the kite:

Here Rusty flies the kite:

And here is a close up of the butterflies for Melanie "I like butterflies" Smith:

Don't forget to cast your vote in the pumpkin contest below! Our next contest will be, "Figure out where the hell Rusty and Carrie are going to end up living next year! Will they get jobs together or won't they?"

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Contest Watch!

Carrie and I have a contest. Which of these pumpkins is Carrie and which is me? There is a definite answer. To enter the contest, use the magic of comments and say who is Pumpkin number ONE and who is pumpkin number TWO.

Meanwhile, I bought a new watch.

Here it is on my arm.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

My Artistic Rendering of the Weekend

As Rusty said, I forgot my photo CD,so here is an artistic rendering of the weekend highlights.

Friday: We go to the Edinburg World Birding Center
We have a picnic lunch, made by guess who, followed by some butterfly sightings and other scenic wonders.

Saturday: We go to South Padre Island
We eat at Amberjack's, outside where the sun is a laser on our table, followed by some beach strolling, and flying our new kite (in the shape of a hippie fairy) while sitting on green and orange beach towels. Our kite is admired by everyone on the beach.

Sunday: We huddle up at The Palms Apartments
We make a song, which will be forthcoming on the GLORY!blog, eat lunch at Jason's Deli (where we run into Kelly and Maria formerly of the English department), and then head back home and enjoy our spooky Halloween stuff. I wear my new Halloween socks; we break out our glow sticks, and we watch Disney's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow followed by It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

Monday, October 24, 2005

You Get One Picture

More pictures of our lovely long weekend to come (though not from Carrie for a few days since she forgot her photo CD), but for now you get one. It's Bunny at the World Birding Center next to the butterfly garden. If you look closely, you can see some flutterin' around.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Your Mama Likes Texas

I'm in Texas. We've already been to Jason's Deli. Rusty's teaching now, but he'll be home soon for fun. And you know what that means, don't you? New photos! Tomorrow we're going to the spring break capital of the world, South Padre Island. Last year when we went, there was a Harley Davidson Convention.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Ashlee Simpson: I Am Me - Review

Ashlee Simpson is still competing with her sister. Oh, she loves her sister Jessica, and Jessica loves her, but the competition remains. The competition is one-sided, however. Jessica doesn't know anything is going on. Jessica is nothing but supportive, not even harboring secret "she's not as good as me" wishes, though she has every right to.

Observe the cover of Ashlee's second solo album, I Am Me. On her first album, Autobiography, Ashlee did everything she could to be the opposite of her sister. She died her hair black, hid her face a little, tried to look a little punk, etc. That's how she worked it the first time around. This time, she's back to blonde, but -- more importantly -- she's working the breasts. She's got those things hiked up to Neverland. The new cover screams, "I'm blonde too. I've got big tits too. I've got a chin cleft too."

All the while maintaining, "I am me." The full title of the album should be I Am Me, Dammit, So Realize I'm Just As Good As My Sister, Yet Not My Sister. But let's look at the songs. "Boyfriend" is about her boyfriend who is not Nick Lachay. "In Another Life" is about how Ashlee would have preferred another life as an only child, where she could express herself without the shadow of her big sister. "Beautifully Broken" is about her chin cleft, with the lyric, "It should be whole/But our genes say no./Before any words were spoken,/My chin was beautifully broken." "L.O.V.E." is not so much a love song as it is a declaration of her mental superiority over her sister ("People may love her more,/But I can at least spell the word./She's a whore."). "Coming Back for More" is ostensibly about getting over the sophomore slump of the second album, but behind this mask is a song about the continual fights Ashlee tried to start with Jessica as children, only for Jessica to ignore her or call her cute. End side one and the Jessica-specific songs.

Side two begins with "Dancing Alone," another ode to being by herself, how she feels when her sister isn't present. "Burnin' Up" is the oddest track on the album, having nothing to do with her feelings about herself or her sister, but instead about Mrs. Havisham from Great Expectations and the famous scene in which she catches on fire. "Catch Me When I Fall" is a tribute to her drummer, an apology for publicly blaming him for the SNL lip-synch incident, "even though it was your fault," she sings.

"I Am Me" is the standout song: a driving drum beat and complicated keyboard arpeggio begin the song with a three minute introduction before Ashlee comes in, literally screaming "I am me! I am me!" for another three minutes. The song ends with a six minute piano and string arrangement with occasional vocal harmonizing from Ashlee, until the song begins to fade and you can faintly hear Ashlee whispering "Descartes... Descartes... Descartes..."

This leaves little room on the album for the final two songs: "Eyes Wide Open" is Ashlee's tribute to the runaway bride ("May the world never forget./Sometimes you just gotta run away./Some say she was blind,/But as you can see,/She had her eyes wide open.") and "Say Goodbye" is a Vaudville-style spoken word track with Ashlee and Jessica in which Ashlee says "Say goodnight, Jessica" and Jessica says "Goodnight Jessica" and Ashlee laughs and Jessica says "What?" and they do this over and over for almost a minute before Ashlee says "You're a cunt" and the album ends.

I've talked more about content than music, so you might be wondering if the album is good. Is it worth listening to, buying? My short answer: YES!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Parade of Jasons

Jason Bell, creator of the Lunchbots and hater of all holidays, shown here with Carrie:

Jason Logan, famous for his nightly "Pajama Time!" and "Mooshy Mooshy" rituals, a member of the band Wite Trazsh Bratz, and Rusty's nephew.

Jason Todd, aka J.Todd, shown here with his man-doll and his snowflake sweater and his "soul patch," none of which he wants Melanie Smith to know about.

Jason with his friends the argonauts:

Jason's Deli in McAllen, Texas, where Rusty and I eat strawberries and tasty sandwiches.

Other Jasons

Friday, October 14, 2005

Making Fun of Carrie: The Misheard Lyrics Edition

Carrie famously mishears lyrics to practically every song she ever encounters (including the lyrics that are also the title of the song). Here are some highlights:

Iggy Pop: Lust for Life
"Let's go live" instead of "Lust for life."

Rheostatics: California Dreamline
"Sand in my taquito" instead of "Sand in my tequila"

Modest Mouse: Tiny Cities Made of Ashes
"Hey, boy, guess what?" instead of "Hey, boy, get a sweater."

Rusty Spell: The Iguana
"Spread your jelly on the keyboard" instead of "Spread your jelly on the iguana."

Arcade Fire: Neighborhood
"From my windodeeo" instead of "From my window to yours."

Weezer: We Are All On Drugs
"We are not our jobs" instead of "We are all on drugs."

Your mama.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Sally (That Girl)

Here's the latest in the Gucci Crew II chronicles, their biggest hit:
Sally (That Girl)

Monday, October 10, 2005

More Stuff

Here is the newest song from Gucci Crew's So Def, So Fresh, So Stupid:
The Dating Game, my favorite of all the songs on this album.

And Here is a Parade of Amys:

Amy Wilkinson, with her friends the GLORY!blog

Amy Sedaris
, wearing a Target t-shirt on Conan

Amy Poehler

Other Amys

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Through the Year with Carrie: Photos You Haven't Seen

Carrie is a good holiday girl. Here's photographic proof.

January: Rusty's Birthday

Carrie throws me parties.

February: Valentine's Day

Carrie gets me treats.

March: Spring Break

Carrie gives me smackers in the season of love.

April: Easter

Carrie is a bunny.

May: Mother's Day

Carrie gets to be my mommy.

June: Father's Day

I get to be Carrie's daddy.

July: Independence Day

We make fireworks.

August: Summertime

We get to go on va-ca.

September: Back to School

We read books together.

October: Halloween

We go trick or treating together.

November: Thanksgiving

We hang out with the fam.

December: Christmas

My present under the tree!

I know the year's not quite over yet, but I'm just looking forward to spending 2006 with my baby-pants. I'm ready for some daily boo.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

In Which I Reveal My Past

For the next week, I'm going to give you a song a day from the album that was my favorite when I was in the third grade--Gucci Crew II's So Def, So Fresh, So Stupid. My brother gave me this tape for my eighth birthday; he'd gotten my mom to buy it at Spec's, a record store up the street next too Fayva Shoes where my Aunt Janice worked. I played it in my purple boom box and hoped my mom wouldn't pay attention to the lyrics; it's the kind of thing that would be sold with a parental advisory now, but this was before Tipper Gore's crusade against Prince. You might remember Gucci Crew because of their song "Sally (That Girl)," which I think was a national hit, but Gucci Crew was a Miami phenomenon. 2 Live Crew and Tigra and Bunny--who liked the cars that go boom and who went to my high school, years before me--were other Miami phenomenas. Gucci Crew is part of Miami's "booty bass" music scene, and I remember how all the kids used to ask me, "Are you a skater, a biker, or a basser?" and I never knew what the right answer was. I used to reason it out: well I like bass music but sometimes I also like Lionel Richie. I ride my bike every day, but sometimes my brother lets me borrow his skateboard . . . I'm proud of my booty bass heritage.

Here's Gucci Broke, which is my second-favorite song on the album. Listen to it and tell everyone you're a basser!

Also, my alarm clock died last night. I knocked it onto the floor by accident and it stopped working. I've had it since the seventh grade, when I started jr. high and my mom and dad were already gone by 8 when I had to get up to catch the school bus. I feel a little sad about having to replace it. People don't make simple alarm clocks any more. Now they all have radios or cd players or some feature that talks to you, none of which I want as I'm waking up. Let's all mourn the loss of my eighth grade alarm clock. I'll never wake up the same way again.