Monday, September 12, 2005

Rusty Butt-Plugs Self

Carrie's sick of this old news by now, but I thought everyone should know about the greatest literary discovery of the past thirty years. Sir Mix-a-Lot took "Baby Got Back" from an old prose poem written perhaps hundreds of years ago.

Read about it here.

For example, "I like big butts and I cannot lie" was Mix-a-Lot's translation of the following:

"If one were to express one's feelings about the quality, shape, and – to be blunt – size of the area of anatomy belonging to those of the fairer sex, an area that I will forthwith call to question, and if that aforementioned "one" were indeed myself, then I would have to hastily bring it to any curious party's attention that this desired area of discussion, the hindquarters to speak it quickly, could – and yes should – be likened closer to a giraffe than a lap dog, closer to a behemoth than a deer tick. On this matter, no utterance of falsehood shall ever pass my lips."