Saturday, September 10, 2005

Dickfaces of the GLORY!blog: the Hurricane Katrina Edition

Dickface #1:

The Miami Herald, which ran this headline today in its Lifestyles section:

What's Trendy? Katrina Relief Parties!

Dickface #2:

Michael Brown, current FEMA head and world-class bungler, also former president of the Arabian Horse Association. Best known for his statement that the federal government didn't know about the convention center people.

Dickface #3:

Barbara "they were already poor, anyway, so this is working out well for them" Bush

Dickface #4:

Dick "Go fuck yourself, Mr. Cheney" Cheney, designated PR face on the Gulf Coast two days ago, as if his tour of the breached levees with the army general would save his administration.

Dickface #5: Our president, Mr. Efficient, who, you may recall, was informed that a plane had hit the World Trace Center, and continued reading a book to a bunch of kindergarteners.

Dickface #6:

The unknown CNN reporter who described the floodwaters in New Orleans as "a toxic gumbo."

To all of the winners: we hate you. And we thank to everyone who entered the contest to become the Hurricane Katrina Dickface of the GLORY!blog. As everyone can imagine, the competition was stiff and decisions were difficult. As fucked up as the situation is, though, I'm sure it can get only more fucked up, so keep trying! Maybe you can be the next official Dickface of the GLORY!blog.